Wednesday, December 3, 2014

NeuralSync :- A revolution In Depression Treatment.

According to the WHO or the World Health Organization, in about 7 to 8 years time, depression can already be considered as second among the causes of why people actually have wasted years of the healthy life in the entire world.

 To address this problem, I am in the process of  making a Machine that can heal depression in a weeks time. The Machine is registered under the trade name NeuralSync.

What is Neuralsync and How does it works?
Neuralsync is a low voltage machine  that combines harmonic magnetic field and low voltage pulses to treat depression. The device uses precisely targeted low currents combined with harmonic magnetic pulses to stimulates key areas in the brain that are underactive in patients with depression effectively therefore "jump -starting" mood regulation structures in the brain, resulting in dramatic improvements in depressed patients. This procedure is neither vigorous nor intuitive and the patients are conscious and alert during the entire treatment session, and the patients can go back to normal activities immediately after a treatment session. The duration of treatment can vary depending on the patients response to the therapy and it ranges between a single session to multiple sessions spanning over a period of three months, a session take 30 minutes. Neuralsync offers a host of advantage over the conventional methods used in the treatment of conditions like depression and bipolar. The striking difference between neuralsync therapy and drugs therapy is that drugs stimulate production of certain "feel good" hormone, where as, the neuralsync stimulate the mood regulation structures in the brain, simply said: antidepressant works on the hormones "software" whereas neuralsyncs works on the hardware “ the brain”

What I need 
NeuralSync is a capital intensive project and I cant crack it on my own. To raise the required fund to develop  this machine, I have started a Campaign to raise $80,000 at The link to my page is
Help us delivers effective depression treatment for patient who don't respond to drugs therapy.

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